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AIS brings the following essential skills to each of its engagements

* Exceptional customer service

* Team approach that emphasizes attention to client’s needs

* Strict attention to detail

* Regulatory compliance

* Clear, concise and timely reporting

* Adherence to budgetary requirements

Ai Solutions develops solutions that support effective monitoring and evaluation by vastly simplify the process of data collection, analysis and reporting.

Open Source

AIS has extensive experience helping individuals and organizations adopt and/or integrate open source technologies, by providing training and reliable 24/7 technical support. 

With funding from the US Health & Human Services/Centers for Disease Control, AIS is using an open platform to develop an online Monitoring and Evaluation training/retraining program designed to improve the overall capacity of healthcare workers for efficiently monitoring and evaluating the response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in The Republics of Kenya and Uganda. 

Using an open source Course Management System (CMS), AIS is developing a virtual classroom for the Durham Housing Authority (DHA) to deliver online GED training to its predominantly adult residents. 

About Open Source

There are several models or approaches for developing software applications. The most common model is closed source, also known as commercial software.

Closed source or commercial software applications are owned by a person (or organization) and the source code is usually not included; the buyer pays only for the right to use the program but does not own it. On the other hand, open source programs always include source code for those interested in contributing to the development effort or simply curious about how the program was written. Open source software and source code are made available without cost or obligation.

The Internet is partially responsible for the increased popularity of open source projects and the open source-licensing model, because it has helped make them more cost effective and efficient for programmers to collaborate on development projects and distribute software among themselves and to customers.

Whether using software developed under an open or closed model, the key to successful deployment is the quality and availability of support.

When considering the viability and longevity of open source software it is important to remember that the characteristics of software vary widely whether developed using an open or closed model. Many open source packages are rock solid and superior to their closed source counterparts. Examples include the Apache web server, Linux operating system, SendMail email server, PHP and MySQL.


"The system you developed for us is truly a life saver. We now generate accurate quarterly reports in fraction of the time it took before. And thank you for excellent and responsive customer support" 

"Just being able to have all the indicators and their definitions in one place has really helped me. I always struggled to develop indicator reference sheets, and now I can do it with one click…thank you so much" 

“The system covers all the indicators the country needs to have an appropriate response to the HIV epidemic,”